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2020 preprints

BUW-IMACM 20/03:

Ian N. Zwaan
Towards a more robust algorithm for computing the restricted singular value decomposition

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/08:

Hanno Gottschalk, Karsten Kahl
Coarsening in Algebraic Multigrid using Gaussian Processes

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/15:

Andreas Frommer, Karsten Kahl, Francesco Knechtli, Matthias Rottmann, Artur Strebel, Ian Zwaan
A multigrid accelerated eigensolver for the Hermitian Wilson-Dirac operator in lattice QCD

Download: pdf , supplement

BUW-IMACM 20/18:

Andreas Frommer, Birgit Jacob, Lukas Vorberg, Christian Wyss, Ian Zwaan
Pseudospectrum enclosures by discretization

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/32:

Edmond Chow, Andreas Frommer, Daniel B. Szyld
Asynchronous Richardson iteration: Theory and practice

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/33:

Kathrin Klamroth, Bruno Lang, Armin Seyfried, Michael Stiglmayr
Network Simulation for Pedestrian Flows With HyDEFS

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/34:

Andreas Frommer, Claudia Schimmel, Marcel Schweitzer
Analysis of probing techniques for sparse approximation and trace estimation of decaying matrix functions

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/49:

Marius Schubert, Karsten Kahl, Matthias Rottmann
MetaDetect: Uncertainty Quantification and Prediction Quality Estimates for Object Detection

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/51:

Karsten Kahl, Bruno Lang
On the equivalence of the Hermitian eigenvalue problem and hypergraph edge elimination

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/52:

Sarah Huber, Yasunori Futamura, Martin Galgon, Akira Imakura, Bruno Lang, Tetsuya Sakurai
Flexible subspace iteration with moments for an effective contour integration-based eigensolver

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 20/53:

Jens Hahne, Stephanie Friedhoff, Matthias Bolten
PyMGRIT: A Python Package for the parallel-in-time method MGRIT

Download: pdf

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