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2007 preprints

BUW-SC 2007/5:

Jacques Bloch, Andreas Frommer, Bruno Lang, Tilo Wettig
An iterative method to compute the sign function of a non-Hermitian matrix and its application to the overlap Dirac operator at nonzero chemical potential

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2007/4:

Matthias Bolten, Andreas Frommer
Structed grid AMG with stencil-collapsing for d-level circulant matrices

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2007/3:

Stefan Borovac
A graph based approach to the convergence of one level Schwarz iterations for singular M-matrices and Markov chains

Download: pdf, ps.gz (revised version from November 2008)
Published in: SIAM journal of Matrix Analysis and Applications, Vol.30, No.4

BUW-SC 2007/2:

David Fritzsche, Andreas Frommer, Daniel B. Szyld
Extensions of Certain Graph-based Algorithms for Preconditioning

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2007/1:

Andreas Frommer, Valeria Simoncini
Stopping Criteria for Rational Matrix Functions of Hermitian and Symmetric Matrices

Download: pdf, ps.gz

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