School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Dr. Peter Feuerstein

Room: G.14.18
Phone: +49 202 439-2818
E-Mail: feuerstein[at]
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Short portrait

I am a lecturer (Post Doc) in the group of Applied Computer Science at the University of Wuppertal.

My scientific projects and research interests focus around the representation of data protection aspects in Web 3.0, algorithms for high-performance computing, and mathematical and computational modelling techniques in physics

I'm member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Machine Learning and Data Analytics (IZMD) and of the Institute of Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computational Mathematics (IMACM).


  • System administrator
  • Web- and postmaster
  • Coordination of teaching efforts
  • Information officer of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Data protection coordinator of the School of Mathamatics and Natural Sciences


  • Automaten, Sprachen, Berechenbarkeit
  • Internettechnologien
  • Programming Lab

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