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Vorabdrucke 2015

BUW-IMACM 15/07:

Martin Galgon, Lukas Krämer, Bruno Lang
Adaptive choice of projectors in projection based eigensolvers

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 15/21:

Andreas Frommer, Marcel Schweitzer
Error bounds and estimates for Krylov subspace approximations of Stieltjes matrix functions

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 15/38:

Marcel Schweitzer
Monotone convergence of the extended Krylov subspace method for Laplace-Stieltjes functions of Hermitian positive definite matrices

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 15/40:

Gunnar Bali, Sara Collins, Andreas Frommer, Karsten Kahl, Issaku Kanamori, Benjamin Müller, Matthias Rottmann, Jakob Simeth
(Approximate) Low-Mode Averaging with a new Multigrid Eigensolver

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 15/41:

Simon Heybrock, Matthias Rottmann, Peter Georg, Tilo Wettig
Adaptive algebraic multigrid on SIMD architectures

Download: pdf

doi: 10.3389/fninf.2015.00022:

Jan Hahne, Moritz Helias, Susanne Kunkel, Jun Igarashi, Matthias Bolten, Andreas Frommer, Markus Diesmann
A unified framework for spiking and gap-junction interactions in distributed neuronal network simulations
(published open source)

Download: pdf

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