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Vorabdrucke 2011

BUW-SC 2011/1:

A. Brandt, J. Brannick, K. Kahl, I. Livshits
Bootstrap AMG

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2011/2:

Paul R. Willems, Bruno Lang
A Framework for the MR³ Algorithm: Theory and Implementation

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2011/3:

Paul R. Willems, Bruno Lang
Twisted Factorizations and qd-Type Transformations for the MR³ Algorithm - New Representations and Analysis

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2011/4:

Paul R. Willems, Bruno Lang
Block Factorizations and qd-Type Transformations for the MR³ Algorithm

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2011/5:

Matthias Bolten, Achi Brandt, James Brannick, Andreas Frommer, Karsten Kahl, Ira Livshits
A Bootstrap Algebraic Multilevel Method for Markov Chains

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2011/6:

Matthias Bolten, Daniel Brinkers, Ulich Rüde, Markus Stürmer
Implementation of multigrid on QPACE

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-SC 2011/7:

Matthias Bolten, Marco Donatelli, Thomas Huckle
On the construction of grid transfer operators for multigrid methods

Download: pdf, ps.gz

BUW-IMACM 11/27:

Elke Just, Bruno Lang
Success-Guided Selection of Expanded Systems for Result-Verifying Nonlinear Solvers

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 11/29:

A. Frommer, K. Kahl, Th. Lippert, H. Rittich
2-norm Error Bounds and Estimates for Lanczos Approximations to Linear Systems and Rational Matrix Functions

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 11/30:

A. Frommer, K. Kahl, Th. Lippert, H. Rittich
Error Bounds for the Sign Function

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 11/31:

Andreas Frommer, Karsten Kahl, Stefan Krieg, Björn Leder, Matthias Rottmann
Aggregation-based Multilevel Methods for Lattice QCD

Download: pdf

BUW-IMACM 11/32:

Sebastian Birk, Andreas Frommer
A CG Method for Multiple Right Hand Sides and Multiple Shifts in Lattice QCD Calculations

Download: pdf

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